Website Directories

Website Directories

Something you must do if you havent already is to post your details on local business directories. They not only give you a backlink but will possibly show your website when users do local searching such as ‘seo essex’ or ‘plumbers basildon’ etc. Google Places is the biggest but there are many other free business directories you can use.

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Local Search and Directories

Make your Business found Locally Something you must do if you havent already is to post your details on local business directories. They not only give you a backlink but will possibly show your website when users do local searching such as ‘seo essex’ or ‘plumbers basildon’ etc. Google Places is the biggest but there are many other free business directories you can use. I will post a list of the best UK business directories to post to shortly.

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Article Writing and Submission

Article Writing for ranking benefits Since the internet began, people have ranking positions for their websites thanks to well written articles. However it can be a minefield and some practises can hinder rather than help. So follow our advise and write a well written article then submit to the best directories. The plan is that if you have an interesting, useful and well written article that is of interest then many other sites may well link to it giving you many more backlinks, Writing Content Although article marketing can be a very effective way to get both backlinks and traffic to your site, the problem is time (or lack of it), and that any useful content should be posted on your website rather than someone elses. So what is a good article writing and submission strategy Writing your Article Before writing an article do some research using Google. There are websites about any subject you can think of, as well […]

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Press Release Advice and Websites

Press Release for seo A well written press release is a great way to both promote your website, business or service and gain backlinks at the same time. Press Release in effect is you telling the press and media companies that you are launching a new product or service. Maybe you have carried out a survey, some research. Your about to hold an event or want to declare your undying love for somebody. OK maybe not that one. How to write a Press Release The difference between an article and a Press Releases is that your press release should be in the news format style. The body is divided into several paragraphs or sections. The first section or the paragraph should mention about the purpose of the Release. Then we have the second paragraph which is important and needs to concentrate on the four W’s, who, why, where and when. Also remember to write down the date and also the […]

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Competitor Analysis and Backlink Checkers

Backlink Analyses A great place to start when discovering why your competition are ranking much higher than you, is to look at the backlinks they have to their website. The following tools will help you discover what backlinks they have, where they come from, what page they are linking to, and the anchor text used. So what can you do with the information, how about stealing your rivals backlinks for a start. Just run a search and find all the links from blogs or forums and add your own. Any websites that show links to your competition can be contacted and ask for a link to your site. By grabbing the same links and building more you will find that pretty soon you will rise above them. Backlink Check Websites – The Yahoo site explorer is a great way to find who is linking to a website of your choosing. Best use is to investigate your competition and find […]

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Keyword Research

One thing that is vitally important in your seo project is researching the keywords you are targeting. Get it wrong and even though you may be top of the search engines nobody will visit or care. If the keywords your looking to rank for are too difficult then go for the longer tail keywords and searches. These are the things that keyword research will find out for you and narrow down your target audience. Keyword research can be done in a number of ways, both free and paid for. Here are a couple of good free keyword tools:- Google Keyword Tool The free google tool is great for finding search volumes for your keywords and also finding related keywords. This tool helps you to find what your customers type into the search engines when trying to find your product. Using the information you can optimize pages of your site for those words. Keyword Eye Keyword eye is a great tool […]

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SEO Software

There are many software packages that make seo easier and automate a lot of the more mundane tasks in seo and backlinking. Be aware that many backlinking software uses black hat techniques (not liked by search engines) and get get your site into trouble. The best software just makes your life easier rather than automating everything. Below are some we recommend. MARKET SAMURAI This is a very highly rated piece of software that incorporates keyword research, competitor analysis, seo competition and backlinking partner search amongst many other things. Updated frequently and available as a free trial download, so no reason not to check it out here SEO POWERSUITE This software, Link Assistant’s PowerSuite software is possibly the most comprehensive set of software tools available. The software is very easy to use and guides the user through every task necessary in order to achieve high rankings. The software is frequently updated and has some great link building features. Find out more […]

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SEO Tutorial

SEO Basic Tutorial This area of the website is dedicated to SEO Resources. It matters not if you are a beginner or an seo expert, you will find a lot of help for your optimisation work and education. From seo guides to outsourcing and tutorials. It is without doubt the best seo resource website around. Introduction to the seo tutorial If you are a webmaster or have an interest in the world of seo (search engine optimisation) then we have put together a tutorial that will teach you all about what search engines want and how to configure your website for maximum ranking advantage. Search Engines The whole reason for the seo industry is because we all want what the search engines can give us, Although their are hundreds of search engines, most webmasters are only interested in 3 – Google, Bing and Yahoo! in that order. However Bing now own Yahoo! so that leaves 2.¬†There are also many search […]

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