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Since the internet began, people have ranking positions for their websites thanks to well written articles. However it can be a minefield and some practises can hinder rather than help. So follow our advise and write a well written article then submit to the best directories.

The plan is that if you have an interesting, useful and well written article that is of interest then many other sites may well link to it giving you many more backlinks,

Writing Content

Although article marketing can be a very effective way to get both backlinks and traffic to your site, the problem is time (or lack of it), and that any useful content should be posted on your website rather than someone elses. So what is a good article writing and submission strategy

Writing your Article

Before writing an article do some research using Google. There are websites about any subject you can think of, as well as authority sites such as Wikipedia.

Your article comprises of the article title, a summary, the main body and a resource box.

The Title

One of the most critical article marketing tips has to do with the title.  You need to grab the readers attention so that they read the article.  In many cases, the article title will be the only thing the see in the search engine listing or in a list on another website so you want to make sure it is compelling enough for them to give it a click.

How do you do that?

It’s actually rather simple, you list a benefit that the reader simply can’t resist. OK, well maybe that isn’t so simple if you’re not used to writing that way but once you do get used to it, it will be second nature.

A lot of people confuse features with benefits. What you can do to differentiate is to always keep in mind that a benefit are things that will solve the readers problem – it will change the readers life in some way.  Features are more concrete – characteristics of the product or program.

For example, if you were writing an article to promote a weight loss program, your title might read something like:

“Bust Belly Fat – Exercises That Will Help You Look Good In That Summer Bikini”

Anyone with the problem of belly fat will surely like the idea of looking good in a bikini , so they will likely find this headline appealing.


Many submission sites ask for a small summary or taster of the main article. You can either write a few words here or copy the opening paragraph from your article.

The Body


The Resource Box

This is the most important part of the article because it will contain the links back to your website.

There’s one other important thing about the resource box that this article marketing tips lesson would not be complete without and that is the anchor text.

One of the reasons for writing articles is to get traffic to your website from the article itself, but the other reason is to help your website pages rank and you do that by linking back to your website with the keyword phrase you are trying to rank for.

So, in the example above – If you want to learn 5 techniques on busting belly fat in 60 days, visit – let’s say your keyword phrase on your website is “techniques on busting belly fat” then you want to use these as your anchor text.  Most directories allow you to have 2 links in your resource box so you can link to this inner page as well as the home page.

Now, your resource box, might look something like this:

If you want to learn 5 <   a  href=””>techniques on busting belly fat</a> in 60 days, visit

Finally, for the end link you could use a hyperlink to your url


You can use the keyword phrase that you are trying to rank your main page for in the anchor text


You can simply use the words “Click here” as the anchor text.  I know, you’re not trying to rank for the keyword phrase “click here” but it can be very effective to get people to click through to your site so you might try using it every once in a while.

To Spin or Not to Spin

You will find that a section of the seo world like to submit the same article to each directory, some recommend rewriting each one. Now rewriting an article 30 or 40 times is a lot of hard work so a way around this is to spin your original article.

Spinning does carry a bad reputation with some people as when done incorrectly the articles can be almost unreadable. However doing them correctly and you won’t even be able to tell it is “spun” and you will get a lot more mileage out of them.

The proper way to do that is to either spin them on the sentence or paragraph level.

OK, so just to be clear, I am not recommending that you put crappy junk articles out there but if you can get good spun articles then that is ideal!

Submitting all these articles can be time consuming and boring but it is NECESSARY.

You don’t want to point all your links to the homepage of your website – point them to inner pages.

I don’t recommend that you go in and submit all your articles the first day! Do 1 or two a day or 1 or 2 a week as your schedule allows. This way Google will be seeing a steady stream of new links coming into your site over time.

Writing articles is pretty time consuming but it took me a long time to let go of doing it all myself and hire writers. Hiring individual writers can be problematic because a lot of times they simply don’t do the writing and you are left waiting for them to hand over an article that never comes. This wastes your money and puts you behind schedule. That’s why I always go with a big “service” that you know is going to deliver because their reputation is on the line.

Submitting Your Articles

Once you have written the perfect article, you need to submit them. First place to post is (of course) your own website.

How many articles to submit?

you need a good 30 articles in order to see good results.

For this, we’re going to go back to the keyword research we did in step 1 and write (or have written) an article for each keyword.

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  1. I think if you are going to invest in writing content, it should be used just for your own websites or used as a guest post on another site with a link back to you.

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