Google Tap to Review Card. NFC Contactless. The best way to get reviews. Boost Your Business and rankings.

Over 80% of customers are likely to visit Google Reviews
Prior to visiting a business

Introducing NFC Contactless Google Tap to Review Cards: Supercharge Your Reviews Effortlessly!

Are you tired of the hassle of collecting reviews from customers? We have the solution for you – NFC Contactless Google Review Cards. Here’s why you should choose them:

Why Choose NFC Contactless Google Review Cards?

  • Easy & Convenient: Your customers can leave a review with a simple tap, no searchiing for a website or typing required.
  • Instant Easy Access: Your customer taps the NFC-enabled card with your smartphone and access the review page instantly.
  • Encouraging reviews: Providing customers with physical reminders and an easy way to leave reviews increases the likelihood that they will take the time to do so.
  • Boosting online presence: Google reviews play a significant role in your local search rankings. The more positive reviews your business has, the higher it is likely to rank in search results.
  • Support for Local Businesses: Our card makes it easy for customers to boost their favourite local spots with quick, positive reviews.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Utilize NFC technology for seamless interactions.
  • Convenience: Google review cards use NFC technology that allows for quick and effortless communication

Get Reviews for your business in seconds! Only £28 ea. Free P&P

How does it work

Present your customer with your contactless Google tap to Review card, and thanks to the contactless technology (NFC), they just have to approach their smartphone to be immediately redirected to your Google Review page.

  1. Present the Google Review card to your customer
  2. Tap to Review: Hold the card close to your customers NFC-enabled smartphone to instantly open the review page.
  3. Your Google Review form opens
  4. Your customer leaves you a Google Review

The success of your business depends on your Customers' Reviews

You are in contact with your customers every day. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask for their feedback.

Some customers are reluctant to leave a review because it takes too much time, or because they don’t know where and how to post it on the Internet. It’s hassle

Our contactless PVC card removes the hassle and encourages your clients to visit your Google review page and post a review right away. A simple TAP can get you a perfect 5 star rating. 

tap to review card to mobile

Tap to review cards work perfectly for all customer facing local Businesses!

...and many more!

Tap to Review Cards FAQs

How do I collect customer reviews?

The review collection process is easy. Customers can tap their phones on our contactless cards and easily leave a review. If they have an older phone they can scan the QR code and review that way.

Does this service also optimising my google listing/website?

No, but we do offer a Google My Business/ Google business profile optimisation service. 

How do you link my business to the cards to my review page?

We just need your google review link.

  1. Go to your Business Profile. Learn how to find your profile.
  2. To find your review link:
    • With Google Search, select Ask for reviews.
    • With Google Maps, select Customers and then Reviews and then Get more reviews.
    • Copy and paste your link to us into the box.

Do you offer other review site cards or discounts?

Yes we offer Tripadvisor, Yelp, Yell and more. we also offer discounts that get bigger the more cards you buy. Contact us for more details.

What are the benefits of getting Google reviews for my business?

Collecting Google reviews gives a number of benefits. It enhances your online reputation and credibility, as many potential customers check out reviews before using your business. Positive reviews can also increase your rankings in search engines. Customer feedback also gives you priceless information to  improve your products or services and enhance your customer experience.

Is there any additional charges for using the tap to review cards?

No, it’s just a one-time fee and the tough PVC card should last forever whilst enhancing your reputation.

Will NFC contactless work with all phones?

Almost all modern phones work with NFC. If the phone is older we print a QR Code on the back of your card so customers can scan with their camera to open the review link. 

tap to review card to mobile

Buy a Tap to review card and Get your Google Business Listing Optimised for a one time great price, saving 20%

Over 80% of customers are likely to visit Google Reviews and view your google business listing
before visiting your business. So get a tap to review card and optimised Google business listing in one!

Google listing and tap to review

No Contact

Customers can leave reviews without having any contact with the card

Instant Review

Your customers are redirected to your Google review form at ease

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