Google Business Listing Optimisation

Get Higher rankings in the Local Map Pack and on Google Search

Rank higher than your competition and get seen for more search terms with our Google Listing Optimising Service. Take advantage of your Google Business Profile listing, get more exposure and start getting more calls, vistors and clicks.

The local listings get maximum engagement from customers looking for your business on Google, and they are ready to buy! 

Learn more about our low priced GBP (formerly Google my Business) Optimisation Service by contacting us today!

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With our Google My Business Optimization Service you can ensure your GBP is optimized for the searches your customers use on Google.

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Why Ranking in Google Local Search Matters

Your Google Business Profile will be optimised for your targeted search phrases and your local area. Our service includes the following:

✔️ Top search engine Positioning – The Google Map Pack holds the number 1 position in 93% of all Google searches. This means the local listings can position your business as one of the most relevant in the eyes of customers.

✔️ Increased engagement from the public – The Google Map Pack appears at the top of search engine results, so gets lots more engagement as it’s the first thing they see. 42% of local google searchers click on the Google Map Pack results.

✔️Showcase your Reviews – When online searchers click on your Google listing, Google gives them a summary of your customer reviews.

✔️More customers for you – Almost 80% of local searches on a mobile will lead to a purchase in 24 hours. Grab those customers for your business. 

How We Bring you more customers with our Google My Business Optimisation Service

The Google Business Profile Optimisation Service we offer comprises of these steps:

1. We optimise your local listing
We optimise your Google business page to make it complete, relevant to your services and location, and SEO friendly.

2. We create posts
Your account manager will talk to you about what features or your business or services you want to promote or talk about. We will then create and post information along with a branded to your company image/banner. Then using tricks of the trade including geo-tagging your imagges we will help you rank for more searches and higher up the pack.  

3. We fully overhaul and enhance your listing
Once we have completed the plan, your Google My Business Profile will be made live and start improving in rank and search.

4. You will now see better rankings, increased traffic, phone calls, and visitors.
Now that your Google My Business listing is fully optimised, you should start to see results within 30 to 90 days of completion. You can then work on your business to fulfill those new orders.

I was able to go from not showing up at all to ranking in the Map Pack

The Google My Business Optimisation Service allows you to work with a GMB expert that has the experience with Google My Business Optimisation required to improve your ranking in the ‘local map pack’ and on Google Maps. Using our processes. We will start implementing enhancements to fully optimise and boost your listing, ensuring high rankings and more importantly, bringing more customers in your door.

Your Google Business Profile will be optimised for your targeted search phrases and your local area. Our service includes the following:

✔️ Fully optimise your Google business page to make it SEO friendly.

✔️ NAP Consistency Check (Your Business Name – Address – Phone number)

✔️ 2 x Google Posts Creation with Keywords to target desired search terms and improve rank. Images created with branding/logos.

✔️ Optimised Description including addition secondary category and add more services (helps to rank)

✔️ Uploading Geo-tagged images

✔️Increase website visits, bookings, and phone calls

✔️Boost your competitive advantage

✔️Increase your local rankings

The entire optimization process takes about 30 days and your profile manager will be with you every step of the way with frequent progress updates every couple of days.

Don’t go another week in the #4 position. Get started with our GBP Optimization Service today

With our Google Listing Optimisation Service your business will be seen for the searches your customers use on Google.

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What customers say about Google My Business Listing Optimiser

I was able to go from not showing up in Google at all to ranking on the Google Maps for a few different searches related to my my business. For the price its a no-brainer!

Sian Blount, Skin Sorceror

We rely on GBP and local search to get new customers in the door. We love working with SKS Services and found their system to be very effective, and the results are great!

Mark Salmon, Glow 

Google My Business Optimization Service FAQs

How long does it take to optimise my profile?

Once we get started, the google my business optimisation can take between 3-7 days to complete. We will keep you up to date with whats going on.

Does this service include optimising my website?

No, our Google My Business Optimization only focuses on optimizing your GMB listing. We do not provide website optimization services at this time, but click here to email the head Gorilla to let him know we should!

Who is responsible for approving content, edits, posts, etc?

After talking about your listing and posts we generally will make it live then let you know, however you can review it first if you want. Just let us know.

How do you get access to edit my listing?

We will ask for manager access and you will get an email from Google to authorise us to edit your page. You can remove our access anytime you like.

When can I expect to see results?

A lot depends on the industry you are in, but generally you should be seeing results within 30 days if not sooner! Many of our clients see almost instant results.

Does this service guarantee I will get results?

Your ranking and search volumes will increase Guaranteed.
Whilst having an optimised Google business profile will help increase your rankings, traffic, and calls, you should consider ongoing management of your listing either by yourself or us to get the most out of your listing as Google are always updating and reward businesses that update regulalry.

Will this service help me get more reviews?

With more clicks and visits, obviously more reviews will come as well. We also offer a great contactless tap to review card that will boost your review count massively.

More Than One Location? Suspended account? Not yet verified? Confused?

If Google Business Profile listings is confusing, you have more than one location or you are not yet verified then we can help.

We have optimised hundreds of local listings and profiles, including those for multi-location businesses in gyms, salons, restaurants and more. We know how confusing it can get, but we know our stuff.

So message or call us anytime for an informal chat about your business, and we can get yopu optimised and ranking as soon as possible!