Press Release for seo

A well written press release is a great way to both promote your website, business or service and gain backlinks at the same time.

Press Release in effect is you telling the press and media companies that you are launching a new product or service. Maybe you have carried out a survey, some research. Your about to hold an event or want to declare your undying love for somebody. OK maybe not that one.

How to write a Press Release

The difference between an article and a Press Releases is that your press release should be in the news format style.

The body is divided into several paragraphs or sections. The first section or the paragraph should mention about the purpose of the Release. Then we have the second paragraph which is important and needs to concentrate on the four W’s, who, why, where and when.

Also remember to write down the date and also the city from where the Release is coming from.Take a look at the sites below and you will soon get a feel for what is needed.

Sample Press Release

A Press Release sample will show the idea, a PR does include your address, phone number, web address.

Then, the body of the Press/Media Release will start, explaining the news and possibly a quote from someone as well.

Press Release Submission websites

If you want even more then use Google to find even more press release sites to submit to. Just do a search using the following search strings.

“free press release distribution”
“submit press release”
“press release submission”
“free press release website”
“submit press release free”

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