Backlink Analyses

A great place to start when discovering why your competition are ranking much higher than you, is to look at the backlinks they have to their website.

The following tools will help you discover what backlinks they have, where they come from, what page they are linking to, and the anchor text used.

So what can you do with the information, how about stealing your rivals backlinks for a start.

Just run a search and find all the links from blogs or forums and add your own. Any websites that show links to your competition can be contacted and ask for a link to your site.

By grabbing the same links and building more you will find that pretty soon you will rise above them.

Backlink Check Websites – The Yahoo site explorer is a great way to find who is linking to a website of your choosing. Best use is to investigate your competition and find out who is linking to them. – This site gives you up to 1000 of the backlinks to your website or a competitors website. You can see the PR of the website, anchor text of the link and various other useful info. 0 Gives you a list of websites that link to the submitted website. It just gives website and PR info so is not as detailed as the sites above.

If you would rather let us complete your competitor analyses then check out our seo services and we can do all the donkey work for you.

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