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The Website Service – See our portfolio here. Our service includes:

  • Low Cost – Amazing Value For Money
  • Just supply some details and leave everything to us
  • Fully optimised for search engines
  • Fast Turnaround
  • SEO service included for good rankings
  • No Long Term Contracts or extra payments
  • Email accounts setup
  • Hosting and domain names included if required

Our new concept takes the financial sting and technical uncertainty out of website ownership.

The Benefits Of Using Our Service

We’re so confident that our websites and service will impress you we guarantee that if you’re not happy with the finished product you can walk away and we will refund your money. See our website portfolio

We also offer:

Our unique approach is to design for you the perfect website for your business without the sting of a massive upfront fee or big yearly charges to maintain your website. We provide you with a professionally designed website plus full advice and support for a low fee starting from just £200. Simples.

Low Cost – Value For Money

Our low fees mean that our websites are easy to budget for. There are no hidden surprises or unexpected costs, everything is included in the price.

Quick & Easy To Set Up

Just choose a website colour style, then supply us with your text and any images you may have and we’ll take care of the rest. The proofing and approval are all done online, so you never even have to leave your desk.

Fast Turnaround

Depending on our own workload and your speed in proofing and approving the finished design, your website could be up and running within a week… not several months like some cases we’ve heard about.

No Hidden Extras

Our offer is completely transparent, everything listed is included in the price. The only options we offer are sensibly priced and you can take them or leave them, it’s entirely up to you.

Search Engine Ready

We also provide search engine submission and optimisation totally free. These are designed to put you in all the popular search engine listings.
No Long Term Contracts

Once you have your website there are absolutely no more commitments from you.

Superior Design and Useability

We are a professional Web design and hosting business, just take a look at this website and the style options it contains to see what you can expect from us.

Up and Running In 7 Working Days

We will in most cases have your website up and running in a matter of days, giving your company that all important web presence

No High Pressure Sales Tactics

We believe our offer speaks for itself, so we won’t have sales people camping out on your doorstop day and night. Even when you commission us we’ll communicate and proof your project over the phone, by email or through the internet. Leaving you to do what you do best with the minimum of fuss and bother.

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The Website Process

Now that you’ve seen the service we offer, weighed up our arguments, been impressed with our design skills and astounded by our value-for-money pricing structure, and you’ve decided that now is the time to put together a first class website for your business… what do you do next?

Well, if you still need more information you can contact us in the following ways:


If you’ve already decided you want to use our service then do the following:-

Web Design

Standard Website Design Service

Our service includes:

Our new concept takes the financial sting and technical uncertainty out of website ownership.

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