So after a traumatic year of Google updates, all named after cute animals we find that most traditional seo services you may have used are now rendered useless.

Quality content is the way to go
Quality content is the way to go

We are talking about mass article submissions, forum link posting, web 2.0 pages etc. Google updates have (if your lucky) just wiped out any positive effects from this type of linking, and if your unlucky, have penalised your site and wiped out years of work.

What they are telling everybody is this – No unnatural links will be tolerated, if people link to you because they love your site then great. If not then do not create useless and artificial links.

So if you want to do seo the right way, you need to make your website great, by filling it with useful content that others will link to. Google have spoken about this in a blog post designed to give “more guidance on building high-quality  sites,” Google gave the simple advice that quality content is what they want.

Google’s algorithm is designed to promote and reward (with high rankings) good quality, content filled sites. Whilst penalising and de-indexing the low quality, spammy sites.

The questions Google ask, are ones that you as a website owner needs to ask as well. For example, “Would you trust the information presented in  this article?” they also point to the importance of original content, asking, “Does the article provide original content or  information, original reporting, original research or original  analysis?”

Here is the ultimate question after writing on your website, “Would you expect to see this article in a printed magazine,  encyclopaedia or book?”

So there you have it. Rather than looking for the latest gimmick, trick or linking system. Just concentrate on content. Good content, original content and lots of it. Post regularly and with good solid information. Then the links and traffic will come to you.

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    1. As a business owner you probably have a lot of knowledge that others may find useful. For instance if you sell mouse traps you may know the best type to use in different buildings, where to place them and the kind of bait to use. Information such as this will be invaluable to potential customers of yours, and may convince them to purchase from you. Writing a blog post is easy, just write when you have a spare 5 minutes or ask a member of staff to do it. Think of writing content as an investment in your business, and don’t forget that once written it will be there forever, bringing in visitors, promoting your brand or business and helping with search engine rankings.

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