For many business owners or freelancers, time management is always a problem. It is very easy to get distracted and concentrate on bringing in revenue, and forget about how to grow it using your best asset. One of the things that usually gets forgotten about is the website and how to improve it’s engagement with potential customers and it’s visibility in search engines.

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So what are your options if you want to rank higher in the search engines and bring more users to your website? You could pay an external company (like the highly recommended Webworx Limited of Maldon), for seo work as a one off, monthly, or ongoing contractual fee.

SEO Training

Another option if you have the time or staff available, is that you can head down the alternative route of doing it yourself. And the most efficient and productive way to get the ball rolling is to let us help you, by getting yourself or your staff trained up on one of our seo training classes.

Training will enable you to carry out set tasks that will result in  a marked improvement in your websites content, and showcasing your brand. Outsourcing the work to experts is for many the best move, but some like the idea of hands on involvement and being more in control of their brand.

So how do you determine if the training course route is for you? If you have staff, or time available in your week, or maybe you are looking to run your own seo agency, then we advise you to get signed up immediately, if not sooner.

If you have a staff member with some free time then a one off training cost can equal years of self optimising for your business. All they need is to be familiar with a PC, and understand the very basics such as logging into your website or conversing with your IT department, be able to write/spell, and be organised and carry out tasks on a regular weekly or monthly basis.

Our training will educate attendees on how to attract more visitors to your website by both on-page and off-page optimisation. The classes are small, well run and we give a wealth of training materials and follow up support to all attendees.

You can come to our digital marketing training classes in Maldon, Essex or we can come to you. If you are based outside of Essex then a visit is still possible as we don,t sleep much. You can do that when you’re dead right?

So take a look at the itinerary of our classes and decide if it’s for you or a member of your team, then contact us for more information or to book a slot.

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