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This area of the website is dedicated to SEO Resources. It matters not if you are a beginner or an seo expert, you will find a lot of help and valuable information for your optimisation work and education. From seo guides to outsourcing and tutorials. We aim to have the best seo resources around.

SEO Basic Tutorial

If you need to learn about or recap on the basics of website layout and onsite seo skills then check out our seo tutorial

SEO Software

Whats the best software to help, automate or organise your seo strategy. There is plenty of software that will check your onpage and backlinks, even helping you find link partners. There is also software that will blast your links to hundreds of sites instantly or across a time delayed period. See whats worth considering and what to avoid.

Keyword Tools

The basis behind any website promotion is knowing what your customers are searching for. Keyword research brings up a whole treasure trove of possibilities for you to build your website around and target pages for. Grabbing highly searched keyword positions may be difficult but you can grab the long tail keyword phrases much more easily. Check out our picks of top free keyword research tools.

Competitor Analysis and Backlink Checkers

Knowing what backlinks you have or more importantly your competitors have can help you to outrank them. Find out where the links are coming from and the anchor text used.

Press Release Advice and Websites

A press release is a great way to announce to the world, your business, a new website or promote an offer. But even better is the fact that a Press Release will contain links back to your website and may be syndicated across thousands of websites.

Article Writing and Submission

Many webmasters use article promotion as the backbone to their seo process. A well written article can contain links back to your website and could be published on many other websites.

Local Search and Directories

Something you must do if you havent already is to post your details on local business directories. They not only give you a backlink but will possibly show your website when users do local searching such as ‘seo essex’ or ‘plumbers basildon’ etc. Google Places is the biggest but there are many other free business directories you can use.

Website Directories

There are many worldwide web directories that you can submit your website to that are proven to help with your ranking positions. Sites such as DMOZ and the YAhoo directory to name but two. Find the best paid and free websites here.

Outsourcing your SEO work

If you want to get others to do seo work and linkbuilding for you then you have a few choices to make. You can use an seo company and accept that they will make a markup on the deal or you can source the workers direct. There are several forums and dedicated websites that have workers around the world waiting to carry out seo work for you.

SEO Guides

There are many guides written by some very emminent people about all aspects of seo. Find the best free resources and learn how to optimise.

SEO Training

If you want to learn seo then your in the right place. There are many places you can visit and find a wealth of seo training material. Start by visiting the seo tutorial pages. Find the best resources here.

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