Everyone does it, youngsters, teens, executives, housewives, even old people. Yes we are talking social media. You may be thinking that social media is all about tweets and posting text, but video is much more important. But why is it so important to use video in social media marketing? It is the easiest way to let viewers know about your products and services. Listening while watching the video gives viewers a clearer vision of what you wanted them to know.

Right now more and more people are using social media not just to communicate with family and friends but is being used to disseminate information about a business. It acts as a powerful marketing channel for businesses. Sharing videos in not just one social media platform will help increase viewers of your video and visit a targeted landing page from your call-to-action.

Social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter provide video integration capabilities which allow marketers to share relevant videos on these platforms. Since these media sites are growing rapidly and constant sharing is being done by users, videos are spread out quickly. In other words, capitalize on video’s potential by posting multimedia content in social media platforms.

Make a video that is short but full of important information. Start your video with a brief introduction about your business/services. Then add a short client success story in using your products/services. Then finish your video with a call-to-action that converts your social media fans and followers into clients.

Using online videos and social media platforms is increasing and you need to put yourself ahead of your competitors. Create videos that you can integrate with social media accounts and now is the time to put your brands/business in the spotlight with video marketing via social media sites.

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