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Search Engine Optimisation


Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques can strengthen your business, increase exposure, enquiries and sales. Find out how we get you ranking ... Read more

Website Design Services

Web Design

SEO friendly Web Design specifically designed to attract your target audience. We create a fully optimised website that will rank high promoting your business 24/7 ... Read more

Social Media Marketing

Social Networking

Use popular Social Media platforms to drive traffic and increase sales. We can create your Twitter, Facebook and Youtube pages ... Read more

SEO Essex UK Services and Advice

" I know there are a million and one SEO Companies out there vying for your attention, with more seemingly popping up every day. But we are different and have been around for a long time and have proven results. We advise on the best seo course of action for your business and our services are tailored accordingly. We can run the show and strive to secure top positions in the search engines for your website. Even if your unsure about diving into the scarey world of seo, at least make a start before your competition get too far ahead of you. Use a company who will deliver the goods, and give a great return on your investment. Get a free seo quote now and see how our services will improve your rankings - and thats a promise"

- Steve Sanger MD

Get your business noticed and on the worldwide web from an Established Essex seo company. Your website can be on page 1 of Google and the major search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing by using our honed techniques!

In recent years more businesses are realising that they need an online presence to compete for internet market share and reach a wider market, in either their local area or on a national level.

Every single day thousands of new Internet users are ditching the Yellow pages and going online looking for services, products and shopping on the web.  Spending money online has reached an all time high and you cannot afford to ignore the potential benefits of offering your products/services to this rapidly growing marketplace and pool of potential customers.

We have extensive knowledge of seo services and web design, years of Internet marketing experience and strategic planning. We may be an Essex Digital Marketing Company, but we work with clients across the UK and world. We use link building, social media marketing, ethical white hat techniques and have an excellent record of achieving a top 10 search engine rankings using our professional seo services. We can work to any marketing budget.


The beauty of our search engine optimisation service and website design service is that you can have a professionally designed and fully seo'd website that sits on the top of the search engines. We can also create money making amazon affiliate websites if you are looking for passive income. We give you complete control of all search engine strategies. We will help you and exceed all of your expectations and give you proven results.

If you are local to Essex then we can visit you for a face to face consultation prior to any work commencing. If your further afield then we can use phone, email or Skype.


Professional Search Engine Optimisation and Website Design


We can get your business high in the search engines pages

Using keyword research and competition analyses in our seo process, so your website ranks for the keywords your customers are typing.


We can help you to design or redesign, optimise and maintain your website and drive traffic to your site. We have an axcellent record of achieving online marketing success.


SEO Onsite Design of your website Many websites may look great, but have been designed without catering for the seo needs required. We will fully on-page optimise your website.


Search engine optimisation Get your website high up the search engines for your targeted keywords with our Full SEO services . Resulting in more traffic and more business.


Mini website creation By designing one or more mini websites that are laser targeted for your keywords, we can bring highly motivated buyers straight to your main website ready to get your business growing.


Video creation We can help you to create a stunning video showcasing your business using just a few photo's. The results never fail to blow people away.


Although we are an Essex SEO company and based within a close radius of London and the Essex towns of Chelmsford, Basildon, Colchester and Harlow, we have helped many companies throughout the UK and the World.

Main Benefits of SEO


Increased Traffic - Using strategic SEO, we can make sure that visitors coming to your site are actively searching for your service or product and are therefore a hot prospect.

Increase in Sales - Increased SEO that brings in more visitors will increase enquiries, quotes and sales.

Return On Investment - Compared to advertising online or off, and for the price, you cannot get a better ROI (return on investment) for your money.

Lasting Results - Once completed, our ethical SEO practises can give you better rankings that last for the long term.

24 Hour Advertising - People use the web 24 hours per day and by investing in SEO your business will be working for you constantly. Get started now...

SEO Services Include

Search Engine Optimisation
SEO Directory
Onpage seo design
Offpage link building
Website Redesign
Blog installation & Posting service
Script Installation Service
Link Building
Video Creation
Top 10 rankings
1st page results
Advice and Help
SEO Resources
Google Places and Local Search
Website Hosting
Website Management & Maintenance

Dont take our word for it. See what our seo customers say...

"We are naturally very, very happy with getting to the front page of the search engines and look forward to expanding our net."

Ian Unwins

"Thanks Steve, you and the seo experts have done a great job in getting my business on the web. Cannot fault the service"

Roy Phelps

"My new website is running exceptionally well! I am so pleased with the effort you have put into getting all the details right. You helped me every step of the way and even when I didn’t know what I was doing, and this really surpassed my expectations.I am really proud to have SKS Services manage my website and would proudly recommend you to anyone looking to seo, web design and advice"

Julian Robinson

"I would like to say thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s truly been a pleasure to work with the sks services team. Your follow up support and service made all the difference. I would highly recommend that any serious online company work with you. I will be sure to refer you business in the future. Thanks again"

Garry S.

  • SEO Essex Optimisation Tips

  • Website Optimisation Tip 1

    Install a blog on your website and keep it regulalry updated. This is a very powerful Web site Optimisation tactic because with each post, search engines are informed that your supplying fresh, new content. And Search Engines love fresh content. You will find that you rank for many long tail keywords as well.
  • Design and Optimisation Tip 2

    Create Mini Websites, each targeting a single or select few keyword phrases. Each mini website can rank in search engines like any website, but all the visitors will be funnelled back to your main sales page. Using this technique can ensure multiple listings on search engine results.
  • SEO services Tip 3

    Keep building links regulalry to your Website for optimum Search Engine Optimisation. Keep building quality, diverse links will keep your business ranking well and moving higher plus bring traffic.
  • Optimization Tip 4

    Add title text to your internal links and any graphics on your website. A great Website Search Engine Optimisation tip is to use main keywords in these title links as search engines include this in the relevancy for pages.

  • SEO Website Advice Tip 5

    Use Social Networking sites to promote your brand. Set up a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account, integrate with your website and watch your traffic shoot up.
  • Search Engine Optimization Tip 6

    Create a Sitemap and submit to major search engines. Websites must have a sitemap for maximise Website Optimisation, linked to and from every page on the site. A site map is an excellent Search Engine Optimisation tool. It enables search engine robots to locate every page in just two clicks.

Recommended seo websites

Google seo starter guide - seobook - seomoz guide to seo

For more free seo advice, check out our seo resources page

What is SEO?

IF your not sure about what exactly we mean when discussing seo, then read on. Search engine optimisation (SEO) simply means improving the position of your website oreven a particular webpage in the search engines listings. This does not mean the paid or sponsered listings which require paying for each click (PPC), but rather the organic search results using the big search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

The beauty is that once you achieve organic natural listings, all visits to your website business are totally free, while your competitors are still paying for clicks.

Some companies offer the complete search engine marketing (SEM) which incorporates paid listings plus organic seo. This means you can be instantly on page 1 for your search terms whilst the standard seo is worked on. The downside is that paying for clicks can burn a big hole in your pocket quickly. But still a strategy incorporating natural listings pus well managed paid listings can give a good return and increase your presence on the world wide web.

Google is the number one search engine accounting for over 80% of visitors, so we optimise mainly for them but not forgetting Bing and the smaller engines. Our SEO experts will evaluate your business and website. We will look at the following to determine the best course of action:-

  • Onsite optimisation - this involves looking at, adding or editing your content and HTML code. We make sure all your meta tags and internal linking structures are correct thereby increasing its relevance to keyword phrases and specific keywords. Getting more technical, we also make sure you have the correct robots.txt, .htaccess and sitemap files.
  • Offpage optimisation - increase the number and quality of relevant links or backlinks to your website which gives you authority and trust from the search engines.

To gain a prime ranking position which will obtain the maximum traffic can take time and requires specialist seo expertise. We have that in abundance so try us out. Our expert seo specialists can assess your website for FREE and with no obligation, to determine what needs changing first to achieve the quickest results and improve your search engine positions thereby bringing more visitors to your website.

Why Use Us For your Organic SEO Services?

Our group of seo experts know their stuff when it comes to search engine optimisation and creating natural organic growth. And we know the best way to get your website moving on up the search engine pages.

By accepting you as one of our clients, we are confirming that we can help your business. We would not accept any order where we cannot help you.

By using our SEO techniques, your website is 100% guaranteed to improve it's search engine position in all the search engines, but especially Google. We mostly achieve page one and even the top position for your chosen keywords (depending on keyword competition). We can impliment a variety of proven techniques on your website. Imagine what affect that will have on your business!

Dont forget, we can set-up an seo campaign for any budget, just let us know what you require and your budget. We will then tailor a bespoke service to maximise your ROI.

"Great SEO work by a Local SEO Essex Company.."

"We do not worry about any of our rivals, in fact we welcome good competition and wish them luck in their business. We even let other seo companies advertise for free using our UK seo directory. We have plenty of work to keep us busy without worrying about anyone else. And this means we will never make any false promises. We only deliver what we know is possible"

Kelly Sanger - seo Essex

Co Director Webworx Limited

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