Services we offer

Although our core business is local business videos, video ads, digital signage, search engine optimisation and digital marketing, we also have involvements with other services that are all related or benefit from our seo work.

Video Creation

For small businesses and online sellers, our video creation and production service can promote and raise awareness of your products and/or services.

From short slideshow video made from stock images to full onsite video production, voice over and interview videos, we something that will match your business perfectly. Please see our video examples and create your own business video today. Read More

Customer Review Videos

We collect a number of your customer reviews and put them together in a short punchy video that will appear in google when people look for reviews of your business, products, and sector. A great way to bring more customers to your business and show the world just how great you are.

Digital Signage

Using the power of video and images along with a screen equals a very effective system to inform, encourage and convert prospects to customers. Digital signage can loop your content continuously, and it can be changed easily keeping you bang up to date.

We have extensive knowledge of both the video process and the best screen hardware to help you setup a very cost effective media screen that can result in a massive return on your investment.

Youtube & Facebook Video Ads

We run a series of servers and host many websites of our own and for our customers. We have realised over the years just how important having a secure server that stays online and quickly responds to any problems. When your website is offline, your losing money every minute..

Video SEO

You may not be aware but Youtube is not just a video hosting website, it is also one of the biggest search engines in the world, used by many when they are seeking a service or business.

A video on YouTube can also gain top spots on the Google search engine as well. We can upload or edit existing videos, taking care to look at the text in video titles and descriptions, number of views and ratings.

But it doesn’t stop there. We also supply the following supplemental and additional services:-

Website SEO & Digital Marketing

We can create or revise your website making sure that it is fully optimised to help you rank highly in search engines for the services and products you sell, in the area you sell.