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Frequently Asked Questions - Website Creation


Why do I need a business Website?

A business website will give your customers 24 hour access to important information about your company. It can feature all the information you would normally put in a corporate brochure but is far more cost effective and easy to update.


What is a 'brochure' type website and is it right for my business?

As the name suggests a 'brochure' website is designed to showcase your business and contains all the information you would normally put in a printed corporate brochure to sell your services to new customers.

We are able to keep our prices so low because our websites are aimed at businesses whose corporate information remains constant, without too many changes or amendments. Therefore our service wouldn't be suitable for companys that constantly update their price lists, or bring out a new product every week, etc.

Basically if you currently use a brochure or leaflet to advertise your business then this service is for you.


How does the service actually work?

It's simple. You choose a website style that you like or tell us the kind of style you want. You supply us with your text and the images you want on your site. If you dont already have a domain name then you choose an available domain name (which we can register and purchase on your behalf) or we transfer your existing domain name to our webspace.We then get to work while you can logon to the site and watch its progress. You proof and approve your website online. We launch your website onto the internet.


Will Search Engines be able to find my website?

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, especially with Google alone claiming to list over 8 billion pages. We will ensure you make the most of your website's potential and with targeted submission to all the major search engines, an edge over other sites. We also offer a search engine optimization service


How can you offer your service so cheaply? Do you charge for compulsory extras or have long 'tie-in' contracts.

We don't have any compulsory extras and you no commitments. We offer an honest service at an honest price, and everything listed is included in that price. Because of the unique nature of our service we hope to benefit from 'word of mouth' recommendation and repeat business.


Apart from the advertised price, are any other fees payable?

Only if you decide to buy one of the optional extras.


Video Creation


Why do I need a video?

Video marketing is a great way to showcase your business and is great for seo purposes. Your video will have a visual impact that cannot be gained otherwise and there are many websites that will show your video with a link back to your website.


How long does it take to make?

Getting your business onto video is easy and surprislingly low cost. After we have received your images (or we can take them from your website itself) we put together a stunning video showcase and send it to you or upload to your website in a few hours. We can then if you wish submit and upload the video to video websites for extra backlinks and SEO.


Are there any restrictions on videos you will create?

We do not create videos for websites that contain Drugs, pharmaceuticals and adult content at this time.


How long will the video be?

The video length will be determined by the number of photos available or supplied, but will range from 1-3 minutes and in general is around 1 minute.


What do i need to supply?

Simply give us your website address, any pictures you want including. We will take images from your site and or related pictures for the subject and compile a video presentation from these.


Any more questions? Contact us here



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