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Massive slow release Article and Blog submission Service to over 2000 Plus websites


Article Marketing / Article Submissions has become one of the most popular ways of promoting your website. It is effective and very search engine friendly - If done right you will get both effective backlinks and traffic from readers of the articles.

We will research the subject area of your site/business before writing the articles, making sure the content is as informative and useful to the reader as possible. Additionally, we try our best to target the content to your keywords, so that not only are the links from the article more relevant, the article itself might gain some rankings and drive some targeted traffic to your website.


Massive Article Distribution

Our article distribution service will write an article for you, carefully spin it to 30%+ uniqueness, and submit it to over 2,000 directories and blogs that want your articles. And yes, that includes all the top tier high page rank article directories, including Ezine Articles, Go Articles, Articles Base, Article Dashboard, Idea Marketers, and many more.

As well as this, we will also submit articles to some smaller networks that will link to your Ezine Article and 3 of your other top-tier directory submissions. That will insure that not only will you have articles on the high page rank directories, but that those articles will be sent some link juice as well. Those articles will then push that added link juice back to your site. Not only that, but I'll put up to 200 of these article submissions into an RSS feed and submit it to the top RSS directories for you. Then, at the end of the month, I'll submit your article to another network that will drip feed your submission for another month. That will give you 2 months of promotion to your site with every package.


Summary of what you receive With Every Article Distribution Package

Our service is supplied in 4 phases over a 60-day period to build over 2,000 links to 6 pages of your site.

You can supply (or we will arrange) up to 6 URL's and keywords that you want promoted. Your could end up with more than 2,000 backlinks from different websites.


We will write an article for you, spin it to 30%+ uniqueness, and submit it to Unique Article Wizard. They have a large distribution list of hundreds of directories and hundreds of niche blogs. These will be distributed to all the appropriate directories and drip-fed over about 5 weeks on average.


On week 2 we will submit your article to the EZArticleLink network that will link to your Ezine Article to get it ranked fast. This article will show up on 150-200 sites with your Ezine Article link.


In week 3, we will submit your article to a further article network that has over 200 directories and link to 3 of your other top article directory submissions to get more of your articles ranking high - which will in turn get your site ranking higher.


I'll then submit your article to Article Blueprint linking to your 6 site URL's again and drip-feeding them at 10-20 per day. This will continue building links for you for another month or more. That way you'll end up getting links coming to your site for 2 full months, drastically cutting down on the promotional work you'll need to do.


We will also create an RSS Feed of your 6 site URL's, your article URL's on the top sites, and up to 200 more of your submitted articles. I'll then submit your RSS Feed to the top feed directories.


2000 Plus Mega Article and Blog Submissions



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